Sasuage & Peppers Infusion Style

Such a simple dish with lots of flavors and texture.

Chicken Sasuage (or your preferred sausage), Cajun Delight Spiced Butter, Olive Oil, Brown or White Rice, Green Bell Peppers, Roma Tomatoes, Sweet Onions

Boil 3 cups of rice with a teaspoon of salt

Heat 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil and 1 tablespoon of Cajun Delight Spiced Butter till melted.  Add in 3 chopped chicken sasuage links saute till crispy. Remove the sasuage from pan, leave the pan drippings. 

Chop oinions, bell peppers and tomatoes,  Add 3 tablespoons of Amazing Rosemary Spiced Butter heat till melted then add the chopped oinions and bell peppers to the pan cook till tender, then add the chicken back into the pan and your cooked rice.  Saute till coated (you can add more Rosemary, or Cajun Butter if you want a spicer dish, to taste.  Just before you serve stir in the tomatoes.

That's it!