About Us


Our Vision

Infusion Blends was started by wanting to give the novice cook and the expert chef the ability to add flavor and excitement to foods in minutes.  Our Mission, to create gourmet seasonings free from preservatives and artificial additives. 

We customize spice blends packed with flavors that will allow you to create the most memorable dishes with ease. We decided to take the typical compound butter from interesting to sensational.  

We source the highest quality clean ingredients to make up our spiced infused butters.  Creating unique infusion of flavors that are lip smacking awesome!

Our Butters

We source our butter locally from an all-natural dairy farm that maintains Grass Fed, artificial hormone free all-Jersey Cows.  What’s so special about Jersey Cows?  Well they are treated with care and known for creating milk that has high calcium levels producing a creamier superior tasting butter.  Using quality butter allows for you to bake, grill and sauté with ease creating delicious dishes.




Our Spices

We don’t stop at the Butter… we find the finest herbs and spices, fruits and flavorings to make our infusions.  When we say “It’s All In The Butter!” it’s not just the finest butter that makes our infusions special.  Our hand crafted custom spice blends will make you crave for more!  Herbs and spices that come from the four corners of the earth. 100% real fruits, flavor packed spices and aromatic herbs along with time to infuse, will tantalize your taste buds.